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Our Christmas Wishes To You


It's Christmas time at The Cat Who Club! And to show how we all rock at Christmas, check out the great contributions to our site! We hope you have a happy, happy holiday and may your household be blessed during this very merry season!

On  the  first  day  of  Christmas...
 Koko threw up
Yum Yum lost 8 feathers, 9 socks and her thimble
 A murder happened
Koko gave a death howl
Yum Yum screeched in my ear
Koko got out
Yum Yum stole my bookmark
 No, it was pretty peaceful...
- By Kelly

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Do you have a Christmas Site you'd like to see added here? Please include the name you would like to see listed and the site you are wanting to add with a brief description of the site. Thanks :) Christmas Countdown Timer - Really Works!  Recipes, stories, music & more! Recipes, stories & more! A directory of Christmas Shopping and more  Great questions about Christmas! Ugly Christmas Lights heheheh