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Founded: Apr 19, 1998

May 15 2009  Member Count: 406



From all of our members & staff, welcome!
We hope you enjoy your stay. Meet the people that make this site possible and give them a great round of applause!
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Daribus - Club Founder / Site Developer
I am 39 years old from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I work at a call center and have been there for just over 4 years. I have a pet rat named Tiny (my nephew named her)  and I created the mailing list in April 1998. Oh and I'm single and looking :) heheheh
Spragadoo, List Moderator
I live in Beaverton, Oregon. I'm a 72 year old widow. I'm cat mama to my two outside cats Mommie Cat and Skeezix. My inside cat, Littlestuff died 9/21/06. I've read all of the Cat Who books. I love classical music but enjoy other types too. Like playing games on my computer.
Carla, Major Contributor
My name is Carla. I was born December 6,1955. My pen-name is Rene' Poundstone.  My email handle is Catmama.  I am single.  I work at a large trauma center as a Sr Rehab aide/administrative assistant in the Rehabilation office in Austin,Texas.  I have work there 13 years and about 1 month. I have two cats Dustin who I cannot remember but I think he is about 14--he is a tabbey-point siamese. His little sister is six and her name is Madomoselle Adelle Whispers. She is long-haired and black and white. She is a stray but  possibly a Raggamuffin.  I like to read mysteries (particularily animal mysteries).  I like to write. I enjoyed communicating with my cat-loving friends. At one time I enjoyed gardening (I ike all flowers but I love roses-particularily pale pink ones), going to museums(my dream is to go to the Smithsonian), and zoos. 

John A. Long, Major Contributor
A life long California resident. graduated from Shasta High in Redding, CA, June 1983 living in Chico, CA. A quiet but good person. Likes to bake and do karaoke. Likes to read mystery novels and likes cats. Has a cat. Any questions about him, ask him.
27 years old from San Antonio, Texas

Nancy from Oklahoma. 

I'm 50 years old and originally from Massachusetts.  My husband is retired Army and that's how we ended up in Oklahoma at Fort Sill.  I work for the Army as the post media chief.  I have two grown children; a son who is a West Point graduate (proud mom talking) deployed to Iraq and now works for Dell Computers in Austin, Texas.  My daughter is multihandicapped and lives nearby with a woman who takes care of her.  She is spoiled rotten but happy.  My husband and I are involved with community theater both on and back stage.  I am an avid reader and found the Cat Who books through a friend. 

Born in upstate NY, I was a child of depression era parents. Grew up in a small town amongst the Catskill Mountains where the wedding of the Delaware River waters met; Hancock was its name. Received my first degree in Humanities at Jamestown  Community College, attended Fredonia State (not my thing), so I became a globe trotter. Lived in Thailand as a military dependent. Went into the USAF and lived in Frankfort, Germany. While there I visited Holland, Belgium, France, East Germany, and Switzerland.
Finished my BS with U. of MD while in the Air Force in Germany. After living the Air Force I worked in the mental health services field and as a teacher. I taught all kinds of subjects from ages 3-65. Picked up my Masters in Ed (curriculum and instruction) from UOP online. What a waste of time that was.  
     Left teaching for almost a year to drive team with my husband, who is French Canadian and Ojibwa. Then I left the otr stuff to have treatments at the VA. Gastric Bypass took place in late Nov. I have lost nearly 60 lbs since last summer. Now I exercise, substitute teach, and write. Several novels are in progress and I hope (if my writing samples are good enough) to be accepted by Wilkes U, for another masters; this time in Creative Writing (focus fiction and screenwriting).
        As for the family, I told you about my husband, Ray. I also have 5 grown kids and 4 grandchildren. My youngest daughter is presently at Ft Jackson in Army Basic Training. When she finishes there, she will go to health tech classes for 4 months and then onto the Middle East to serve as a Combat Medic. My middle daughter is an Active Reservist stationed in Texas. My oldest daughter wanted to be a dog handler with the USAF but lost her dream when she suffered a severe car accident. She is now on full disability. Oldest son is an Electrical Engineer and US Army Vet. He served in Granada and Bosnia. Youngest son, with genius IQ, believe it or not, lived on the west coast and is still trying to find his niche.
      Still throughout all of this, my love of the Cat Who series has brought me tranquility and a pause in the daily trials I face. The characters are so colorful and the setting make me want to move up there.  I also like photography, as you can see on my album. Matching mismatched cups and saucers is an odd hobby, but it amuses me as well. I write lots of poetry and publish on
      I don't like meat much since the bypass, but I do like teas, especially blueberry and blackberry. Sometimes, things that normally taste good taste reall  wierd after having a bypass. Like bread- it only tastes like sticky dough now and hamburgers like grease. Thank goodness tomatoes still taste decent. So much for my babbling on and on.  Maura
Lucy P
Name: Lucy
place of birth: New York
Fav foods: Pasta,cheese, potatos
Hobbies and special interest:
reading writing, decorating, volunteer for all animal programs and shelters,live theater,
Animals: I have 8 strictly inside beautiful cats that are my heart and soul! We have a huge beautiful Victorian/Colonial's for them lol! animals are my live and I love them so much.
Relationship : Engaged to the most wonderful man named Tom!
Career: I work for myself. I am called Lucy's Magical window displays and store promotions. I do beautiful window displays with movement and special effects at times. I help stage houses for Realtors and i help promote many businesses,
My spiritual believes: I am a devout Italian Roman Catholic.
Thank you again! I love TCW club!
Les West
Location:Englewood, Co
Pets: 2 cats Koko&YumYum
Favorite Food: Just about anything
Favorite Music: eclectic
Favorite TV Show: MST3k
Favorite Vacation: Disneyland
Collections: Disney pins, Disney DVD's, stuffed
Favorite Mall Store: (tie) Build A Bear and Disney
Future goals: To become a famous movie star