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Eye Glasses, Spinning

What do you know about Lilian Jackson Braun and her books? Take a quiz and find out!  Or make your vote count with our daily polls! They're different every day! Enjoy!
If you have an idea for a poll or a quiz, let us know by filling out the form below. Make it related to The Cat Who books. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!


Quizzes Below

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1. Where was Qwill's first murder and who was the first person that Qwill found murdered? - By Carla
2. In which book do we first hear of the recumbent bike? - By Carla

3. How many male cats in comparison are numbered in TCW books? - By Carla

4. How many women has Qwill dated in the TCW books?

5. Name as many cats as you can that Qwill knows and what bird lived in the mueseam? - By Kelly

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