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So, You've decided to join our club! That's great!
Mailing lists are a fun, informative and convenient way to send and receive information. It's a community just like the neighbourhood you live in. Just as there are guidelines you live by in your life, there are guidelines in an internet community too. These guidelines are general rules of etiquette that make the online community respectful of eachother's feelings and needs.
We definitly want you to join our community but there's just one thing we need you to do first. Please read the following guidelines of list etiquette and then come on in and introduce yourself. We'll be glad to have you and you'll be glad you came!
You can also go to to the mailing list portal and read up on us!

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Long Posts
Subject Headers
Kid Friendly
Multiple Recipients
Chain Mail
Virus Warnings
Quoting Text

Typing in all caps is often interpreted as yelling. It can be considered rude and offensive by others. Please do NOT type in all caps (capital letters)

Some of our posts touch on religion and/or politics. Please know that these posts are respectful and done with tact in mind. If you feel offended please let the list-owner  o the moderator/s know privately and it will be handled appropriately.

Long Posts
A lot of posts, or emails, can become quite long and sometimes, depending on the email program you use, the post is included in the reply. If you can shorten the text that's included to only including the parts your are referring to, we won't have one huuge long post after the other only getting longer and longer. So cut down your posts please.

Subject Headers
A lot of posts start off as one thing and end up being another. For example, you might talk about a recipe that you like. That can turn into a conversation about food. The food conversation could turn into geography where the food grows. That can turn into a conversation about a specific place, it's ancestry, people, places, the subject went from talking about a recipe to talking about a place. When you notice the topic has changed please change your subject header to reflect accordingly.  Thanks

Kid Friendly
Just a heads up that there may be young children/kids on this list and to make sure you keep your posts child-friendly. Thanks.

Multiple Recipients
Most probably know how to sent an email to multiple recipients. You just add all the email addresses in the To field right? Wrong. If you send to this list you know to send to If for some reason you are sending to someone off the list you have a BCC field (blind carbon copy). Put additional email addresses there. The list can't see that email address. That way that person's email address is kept private and no one else can send to it, accidentally or otherwise. This is general etiquette for the internet community anyway, always bcc when you are sending to multiple recipients.

Most of the regular subscribers here are agree that file
sharing is fun. Unfortunately there are many that either
don't agree or do not have a viewer that can support
them.  Also, when someone used this list in digest
format, the file may not appear as it was intended.'s what to do:

ASK list members if you may send the file (mention
filesize), having them respond to you personally. If the
response is positive, go for it!


Go to and register. There is a
shared files area where subscribers can upload a file.
Subsequently, other members may go to this area to then
download the file. Of course, there is always personal
sharing, off list.

Chain Mail
Chain Mail is NOT welcome. Business letters that claim to
make you rich, promotions for products or services and
any other form of spam will result in a review of your

Virus Warnings
There are tens of thousands of viruses and worms on the
internet. With so many around, the chance of every
internet user receiving a warning at some point is more
than likely. Just as likely is this virus being a hoax.
Before you panic, find out what you can about the virus
first. There are bound to be numerous sites on the
internet that can provide you with a database of proven
viruses as well as information on how they are
transmitted, the damage they do and how to get rid of

Try not to contribute to the hysteria by posting
"ALERT!!! VIRUS!!!"  to the list.. Most posts will
attract several responses, leading to a totally useless
thread on a subject that has never been proven true in
the first place.  If you know for a fact that the
virus/worm warning is true, contact the list owner

Again, it is nice to know that the thread subject has
changed :)

Here, common sense prevails. IF the disagreement cannot
be solved after a civilized attempt, contact the
list-owner. Once the disagreement has been either solved
or the parties have simply agreed to disagree....leave it
at that. Rehashing just gets everyone upset and causes
more threads about something that was already dealt with.

Quoting Text
When replying to a message, you may want to consider only keeping the related text that you are replying to. You can delete the uneccesary text by highlighting it and pressing delete. This can be very helpful to keep message sizes down.

If you wish to be unsubscribed to the list, DO NOT POST
"Unsubscribe me". Instead, follow these steps;

send blank message to
contact list-owner privately

So there you have it. Here are some common sense, no
nonsense guidelines to go by..these are not RULES. These
all stem from what has become the 'norm' to the mailing
list community. I have written this as an occasional
reminder. We all forget big deal.
Okay..there is One Rule....


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