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We all have favorite Christmas memories! Read some memories from our members and take a moment to recall your own. Merry Christmas!
From Daribus:
Every year my dad would put lights all over the bushes at the front of the house. Then the snow would come and it coated all the lights just enough so you could see the lights glowing underneath. I remember spending a lot of time just looking out the window at them. The snow gave them such a soft and gentle glow that it always put me in the Christmas spirt. Merry Christmas!

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From Kelly
We had three cats at the time. My parents went into the living room,and my mom screamed. My sister and I rushed in. We found all three cats in the Christmas tree in a perfect triangle. The cats had somehow turned on the lights. We used it as a Christmas Card.Merry Christmas to you!
From Shelby

Hi,I'm Kelly's friend and so I'm using her email.OnceI was at Kelly's and she turned on the Christmas tree.SHe told me they put an angel instead of a star every year so God could see it.Happy/Merry Christmas

From Carla

When I ws pretty small we went for a ride to look at the lights. Along the road we saw "Santa" walking or at least a man in a Santa costume. My daddy stopped to give the man a ride and he piled in the back seat with us kids and pulled me up in his lap. As the years past I found it odd That Santa lived in Taylor. As I got older I contined to wonder if he was someone Daddy knew and he did it for me. I never asked him and I'll have to wait now. That just shows if we want to know something we better ask then because we might not see them later. Enjoy your holidays!