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Founded: Apr 19, 1998



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TRYON — Lilian Jackson Braun Bettinger, 97, author of The Cat Who mystery series for more than 40 years, died of natural causes Saturday, June 4, 2011, at Hospice House of the Carolina Foothills in Landrum, S.C. She had lived in Tryon for the past 23 years.

She wrote all of her books in long hand. They were published with limited editing. "I don't pay attention to the publishing business. I just write my kitty-cat stories."

She died with one regret, her husband of 33 years said Monday. Because of her failing health, she was unable to finish her last novel, “The Cat Who Smelled Smoke.” .

“She regretted it most of all because so many fans wanted another book,” Earl Bettinger said.

Donations may be made to Hospice House of the Carolina Foothills, 260 Fairwinds Road, Landrum, S.C. 29356


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The Unofficial Cat Who Club was established on April 20, 1998, with the creation of the Lilian Jackson Braun mailing list. Ms. Braun is well-known for her mystery series of books starring two Siamese cats, the titles always beginning with 'The Cat Who..' We are over 385 members strong and growing all the time!  We are a friendly bunch from all different walks of life and generally, we all love cats! If you don't know why, better pick up a 'Cat Who' book! We hope you would like to become a Cat Who Club member and in order to join us, you'll have to subscribe to the mailing list. The list generates hundreds of emails weekly, subsequently being a major factor in creating very strong friendships and extended families. Please be aware that this list has also evolved into more than just talking about the books. A lot of people talk about their friends and family to each other and even about their pets and the occasional poem and whatever else comes up at the time. There are other lists to check out if you just want to talk about the books ONLY. Please join us long enough to get that list address and ya never know. You might end up liking the list as it is. We think you will :)