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A Friend In The Pansies, By Carla

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     Molly had to stay busy today. It was she and Jeff's wedding anniversary.There were not soft pink roses at her bedside this morning.With each year Jeff had added one more rose. This year there would have been twenty-five. Depending on the day of the week that the anniversary landed, she would awaken to the soft fragrance of the pink roses with a card lying beside them or if Jeff could be off,he would stand over them, grinning with a tray of early morning coffee and toast to share with her.Today would indeed be hard. It was the first year since...she didn't want to think of it now.
    Molly quietly pulled weeds.She must get done before the sun got too high. The pansies and the snapdragons were about to bloom out.  There had been an early Spring this year.In fact the poppies and larkspurs were already budding and even the hollyhocks had a few buds.She thought about putting sunflowers , zinnias, and marigolds along the white picket fence.  The fragrance of the cabbage roses wafted past and once again she thought of Jeff.  I had been six months since his death.  She tried to spend a lot of time gardening.  It usually seemed to help.
    She could not imagine being a widow at 46 and she couldn't ever have imagined Jeff's heart attack at 47.  It had all happened so fast.  Too fast...Jeff had good life insurance and she would never have to worry, but; there was the loneliness.  Molly felt particularly lonely today.
    She tried to keep busy with the garden and her friends,but; most her age really did not understand, thankfully for them.  She would never wish such on anyone.  On Wednesdays she did the story hour at the library.  She so much enjoyed the little ones.  Her own children were grown up and busy with lives of their own.  Theresa and her husband Mark had moved to Colorado because of business.  She was so happy tor Mark because she knew it was a wonderful job and that Theresa was so proud. Sadly tho she was unhappy too, because; she missed Cory so.  She had wished Jeff could have met his first grandchild but little Cory did not arrive until the week following his Grandpa's death.  That was the one god thing about those sad, sad few weeks.
    Teresa said Cory chattered in baby talk now and he seemed to try to crawl.  She sent pictures and videos, it seemed weekly, but it really did not seem to help.    Molly wanted to touch and smell him.
    Then there was Jay.  Jay was 19 and he was busy with his friends, college, and his part time job.  That was how Molly wished it to be.  Busy was best for anyone. Why her little Jeff Jr. or "Jay" was grown up  He looked alot like Jeff at that age. Whey he had even met a pretty blonde in college.  It seemed serious too.  Alison, she seemed sweet enough,but...Molly guessed she would have to get to know the girl better.
     Suddenly Molly saw some movement among the pansies.  She pushed a clod of dirt with her hand shovel and it came bounding back like a soccor ball.  What was back there?  Why there among the pansies sat a tri-colored cat.  Why it's face was even tri-colored like the face of some of her pansies.  Molly said "Hello!'', and that was merely an invitation, because; at hearing it the kitten's little tail withe the white tip at the end shot up and it literally ran to Molly's lap purring.
    Molly was not sure what to do. She, well she did not even think she liked cats.  Mother had always said she was allergic and the only pet she really ever had was Jay's Labrador ,Ben.  Ben had died of old age when Jay was in high school  They had,had Ben since Jay was 3 .  Jay had gotten busy with school and Friends and so Molly had been pretty much been responsible for Ben after the kids entered school.  Ben had kind of become her dog, then she lost him.  He was crippled with arthritis and almost blind when he died.  It was kind of a blessing.
    The kitten mewed softly and rubbed up against Molly.  It brought her back to the present.  The kitten was rather persistent.  It followed Molly around all morning and sat on the porch and howled when Molly went in at lunch.  Not knowing much about cats she was at a loss as to what to do. She had always seen kitties in her storybooks with a saucer of much so she thought that might be good, The next day she awoke to find the kitty had been sick on her welcome mat.  The kitten didn't appear to feel well.  She decided to call Doc Vance who had always looked after Ben.  She called him see if she could bring the kitten in.  Doc Vance said to come in an hour.  That gave her just enough time to dress,  She cleaned up the kitty and wrapped it in a towel.
    The kitten was actually good in the car, which surprised Molly.  Doc Vance laughed when he saw Molly's new baby wrapped in a towel.  He and his assistant Gretchen looked it over good as the kitten ran up and down the exam table playing. They both said it looked pretty healthy to them and Molly had to agree it did look better now.
    Doc Vance asked what she had been feeding it.  She explained about the milk and he laughed and explained how cow's milk was sometimes too rich for kittens and could give them a sick stomach.  He gave Molly some food supplies and asked if the kitten had had her shots.Molly said "No" but that she guessed that was a good idea.Doc Vance started drawing up vaccine and Gretchen asked "What is her name?" Molly thought for a moment and then said" I guess Pansy--she appeared in my pansy-patch"
     As she left Doc Vance smiled and said "Welcome Molly!"  She turned and looked at him confused, he then added-"Welcome of the world to being owned by a cat!" At that the kitten nuzzled up around Molly's neck and began to purr.  Molly smiled and said "Come on Miss Pansy we are going home."  Molly left with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.  There was that that sad hurting place in her heart for Jeff.  She knew it would always be there, but; she also realized, today would be the anniversary of another kind.  She better get started on her new project.