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The Cat Went Underground (1989)

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Despite protests from his Siamese cat, Koko, Jim Qwilleran plans to spend a peaceful summer in his 75-year-old cabin in Mooseville. But when the run-down cabin needs repairs, and the handyman he hires disappears, dreams of a peaceful summer turn into nightmares of foul play and suspicions of murder. Unabridged -

Jim Qwilleran packs up his old kit bag and his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum Yum, for a sun-and-fun summer at his log cabin in Moose County. Their vacation starts out ominously with the disappearance of a handyman hired to patch up Qwilleran's cabin.

But the felines really start throwing catfits when they come across a dead body or two....

A serial killer may be right under Koko's nose, and now this ingenious Siamese must dig deeper to clear poor Qwilleran of suspicion -- and dig up the motive for a catastrophic crime.