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The Cat Who Smelled A Rat (2001)

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A record-breaking drought in Moose County is believed to have fueled a rash of fires at local historic mine sites. But Jim Qwilleran thinks it's arson. When a mysterious explosion is followed by a blood-chilling murder, he and his Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum start sniffing around.  -

Journalist/philanthropist James Qwilleran and his clue-sensitive cats return with crime-solving talents intact in New York Times bestselling author Lilian Jackson Braun's twenty-third Cat Who... title.

October arrives in Moose County on the heels of a long drought, and the citizens of Pickax worry about wildfires.

Their fears are realized in an unexpected manner, with a case of arson -- and the shooting of a volunteer fire-watcher as he is reporting the blaze. The crime wave continues as the president of the curling club is pushed to his death down a flight of stairs, and it's up to Qwilleran & Co. to sniff out the rat who is responsible for it all