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The Cat Who Tailed a Thief (1997)

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When a local man is accused of the thievery, newspaper columnist Jim Qwilleran has serious questions about the recent crimes plaguing Pickax. For one thing, Danielle's cousin Carter Lee seems too eager to pick up where Willard left off in the restoration project.

When he begins to romance wealthy widow Lynette Duncan, things really go awry. The whirlwind courtship ends as a new marriage. When Lynette is mysteriously poisoned while on her honeymoon in New Orleans, Qwill has a moustache-twitching suspicion that Carter is not the grieving widower and it isn't the recent flood in Pickax that has Koko in uproar. It's up to Qwill, Koko an Yum Yum to set the town right and bring the guilty parties to justice before both the Duncan family fortune and Pickax are destroyed by greed.  -

The delightful New York Times bestselling mystery series continues with "another winner!" (Austin American-Statesman)

In this latest installment, prizewinning reporter Jim Qwilleran -- along with his lovable Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum -- solve a mystery that arises when a local banker dies under suspicious circumstances, leaving behind a flashy young widow, an unfinished house-restoration project, and a trail of clues as elusive as a cat burglar in the night....