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Do your cats read?
I had a lovely gray cat with four white paws. Her name (appropriate, if unimaginative) was Boots. Boots would sit on the arm of the couch while I read. She would look at each page of the book, starting on the upper left hand side, scanning each line from left to right before moving to the next, and ending in the lower right hand corner. (You could tell, because her whole head moved as she "read.") When she got to the end of the first page, she would start again on the next, and when she reached the end of that one, she would look up at me as if to say, "You can turn the page now." If I tried to turn the page before she had scanned every line, she would place her foot on the edge of the page, effectively preventing me from turning it.

I can't vouch for her comprehension, but she certainly looked like a cat who was enjoying a good book.

Beth Terrell