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Think you know a lot about the Cat Who books? Thanks to Carla, here's a great way to pass the time on a lazy Sunday orning or perhaps over a cup of coffee or late night drink before settling into bed. Good luck!!
( might want to use your Cat Who Companion)


01. What are Qwill's favorite hobbies? a) birdwatching b) butterfly collecting c) biking d) body building e) calistenics f) walking g) eating out h) reading
02. What is the 'Sip and Nibble' and who owns it?
03. Who is Lenny Inchpot and what is his father's occupation?
04. What is the name of the cat that lives at the Old Stone Church?
05. When Lillian Jackson Braun and Qwill write, they have similar techniques. What are they?
06. In The Cat Who Played Post Office, who are the Trotters and what happened to Mrs. Trotter?
07. In The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, who was Yushi?
08. Where is Brrr located?
09. In The Cat Who Wasn't There, Qwill attends the annual Scottish Night celebration. What was served for dinner?
10. In The Cat Who Said Cheese and The Cat Who Tailed A Thief, Lorie Bamba opens and runs a restaurant. What does she specialize in?
11. In The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare who wrote obituaries for the Picuayne before the arthritis in her hands got too bad?
12. In The Cat Who Tailed A Thief, who is Propinquity aka Pinky?
13. In The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal, who is Quantum Leap?
14. In The Cat Who Wasn't There, who ar the Utely sisters?
15. In The Cat Who Sang For The Birds, who is Ronald Frobnitz?
16. In The Cat Who Sniffed Glue, there is a 'hanging tree'. Who was hung there and where is the tree?
17. The amateur actors of Pickaxe are know by two names. What are they?
18. In The Cat Who Tailed A Thief who are Octopuss and Oedipuss?
19. In The Cat Who Went Underground speaks of a little town that was the "Moonshine Capitol" during the Prohibition. In The Cat Who Sniffed Glue says it's"slummiest town in the county". Newer books talks of juveniles from there. What town is it?
20. In The Cat Who Played Brahms, Qwill has recently moved into the K-cabin -how does he describe it?
21. Who Wrote the first Cat Who Companion in 1998? a) Barron Teaser b) Ashton Kutcher c) Foo Yung Tester d) Sharon Feaster
22. In The Cat Who Played Post Office, where is the Buckshot Mine and what happened to it in 1913?
23. In The Cat Who Tailed A Thief, what happens to the Ice Festival?
24. Sawdust City is sometimes called by another name. What is it?
25. In The Cat Who Said Cheese, who is Anna Marie Toms?
26. In The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare, funer processions are quite a show in Pickax. How many cars were in Captain Fugree's funeral?
27. Who sleeps in the window of Scotty Men Shop?
28. What occupies a "10 cents barn" in Pickax?
29. In The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, it was a house built by a 19th century lumbar baron of "affluent victorian" and in The Cat Who Tailed a Thief, it was the home of the National Registry. What is this building?
30. In The Cat Who Danish Modern, there were two Frans. One is Andy Brodie's daughter and who is the other one?
31. In The Cat Who Went Underground, is the plumber named "little Joe" a male or female and what does Qwill find out about him/her?
32. In The Cat Who Sniffed Glue, is "pete parrot" an a) pet bird, b) A pianist, c) a paper hanger or d) a grocery delivery man?
33. In The Cat Who Blew The Whistle, what is the Black Forest?
34. In The Cat Who Sang For The Birds, who is grandma Toodle?
35. The Trevelyn's owned 3 business. Are they a) tavern, animal clinic and construction company, b) farm & orchard and construction company and plumbing/heating business or c) art gallery construction and plumbing?
36. In The Cat Who Saw Red it was an Inn named after a reptile and should have burned a half-centry before. What is it?
37. In The Cat Who Went Into The Closet, Euphonia Gage had a family member who was her employee. What was her name and how was she related to Euphonia?
38. There is a creek that winds all through Moose County. What's its name?
39. In The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts, it was a famous goat belonging to Kristi,named after a hungarian? What was it's name?
40. In The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal - After a performance of Henr VIII, Koko takes particular interest in one of the guests. Who is the guest and what does Koko do?
41. What did Lillian Jackson Braun's mother do on a daily basis that contributed to Lillian's storytelling?
42. In The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal, who are the Stuckers and what part did they play in the book?
43. In The Cat Who Said Cheese, where would you go to purchase flowers in Pickax?
44. In The Cat Who Turned On And Off, where is the Blue Dragon located, who runs it and what does it specialize in?
45. Who is Rosie Riker? Is she Arch's a) mother b) daughter c) aunt d) neice
e) sister or f) ex-wife?
46. In The Cat Who Sniffed Glue, there is a first mention of a couple who run a 'mama and papa' operation. We hear about them again in The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers? What are their names and what is their occupation?
47. In The Cat Who Tailed A Theif there is a town named after a hot, turnip-like vegetable. What is this name?
48. What cat, after learning thes notes; G,C,E, can play the opening of A Bicycle Built For Two amongst several other songs. Was it a) Jetstream, b) Toulouse,
c) Koko, d) Leon
49. The little town that has Tipsy's was a ghost town for 30 years until it was repopulated. What is it's name?
50. In The Cat Who Went Underground, Polly goes to England and Qwiill spends time with another woman. Who is she?