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Since this list is almost ten years old, a lot has happened. Members have come and gone, some have passed away and others have stuck around through the hard stuff. The Lillian Jackson Braun Mailing List is a unique community of people who truly care about eachother. Read what they have to say and take a moment to reflect on your own life.


From Jane:
When one of our members adopted a little girl from China we got together  virtuall and have her a shower.

When Pat in NM was evicted, we called members of her city council and got  some attention from Social Services.

When one woman was apparently being abused, we got in touch with her sheriff  and alerted him about the situation, although it probably didn't do much good.

When I came to Thailand, members sent me books and DVDs, both for my own enjoyment and for teaching purposes.

Ask Deb and Playful about my old car.


From Carla:
As for me the joining of the LJB it has been a big plus to my life. I have made many close friends here and the support of the group thru my ups and downs have been important. Just someone to talk things out with and someone to share silly and casual conversation with makes life easier to deal with. The chance to learn about people and cultures thru-out the world has been fun as well. We never know how something tiny we might say may effect someone in the group for good. The fact that there are those who think as you do or perhaps think differently than you, might plant a seed with you to look at a situation for an opposite direction. Who knew when I started reading TCW in the '80's that it would give me the gift of so many good friends in my future. Catmama (Carla)


The list to me is like a tossed salad.  We have different backgrounds, places we live, taste in books, movies and such and we come together and its appetizing to us.

Les with Koko&YumYum


This list is a place I found that is safe and the people are caring.  I've not been a member long, but it seems like everyone tries hard to get along and share their thoughts on all kinds of subjects.  The members have been supportive of me during recent difficult times.  It brought me a lot of comfort to open emails full of love and encouragement.  This list is a special place with special people.