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The sky is nearly grey with black clouds and a white ball
the water is green except for spots of moon light and the
shore is tan with some rocks with absolutely no docks
but one needs not worry too much about the stocks until
stuck with out even a flock of geese or even a duck
There is a tall but thin rounded white house with a window
that appears in the dark despite the lack of a park along with
another boat only it’s not a float nor does it have a sail much
                           less a tail and I fail to comprehend why I have chosen to

                                 leave In the stark darkness

        Perhaps it’s to keep my boat from the beach or perhaps it’s
pure inspiration to be on my way even though I haven’t a
clue where It is that I am much less a traveling companion
or maybe I just want to be on my way regardless of the
possible storm- but grateful it’s not too warm- even though I
                           may not know for certain  Why I sail alone