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Rogue Stationery

By Anita Arnold and English Class 8B, 2006

"I’m coming to get you",

Said my pen.

"I’m going to turn you blue."

The stapler bared its fangs

And snapped at me and

The eraser tried to rub me out.

"Hide in me", said the pencil case,

Grinning hideously, metal teeth glittering

In the light of the desk lamp.

The glue stick tried to

Paste me down

And the compass took aim at me!

Eek! The scissors chased me

Around the room,

Intent on mayhem.

Next week I’m buying a computer

And hiring a secretary to deal with

All of this!


This Land

By Anita Arnold


This land-

Barren, fierce, dangerous!

Blazing sun, crashing sea;

A rock, pulsating red

At the centre of

A dead heart –

My land!



This land-

Cool, soft, deadly!

Silent forests, bellbirds’ calls;

Epiphytes embracing trees,

Funnel-web spiders waiting

At the centre of a living mind-

Your land!



This land-

Busy, frantic, defiant!

Blaring horns, frenetic movement;

Humans striving, despairing, surviving

At the centre of a throbbing wave of life-

Our land!