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Think you know a lot about the Cat Who books? Thanks to Carla, here's a great way to pass the time on a lazy Sunday orning or perhaps over a cup of coffee or late night drink before settling into bed. Good luck!!
(hint: you might want to use your Cat Who Companion)

01. In What Book did Qwill and the cats do a study of birds?
02. Who ran a turkey farm?
03. What is the given name of the local weatherman?
04. Where is a nice place to eat lunch in Pickax?
05. Who was the director of the Goodwinter museaum in The Cat Who Saw A      Ghost?
06. In The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare, what antique dealer played one of the wackey sisters in the stage production of Arsenic and Old Lace?
07. What is the occupation of Robert Maus, who owned Maus Haus?
08. Who's the man that makes a good bearburger that reminds Qwill of a bear?
09. In The Cat Who Went Into The Closet, Mrs. Fulgove the housekeeper, shuts Koko in the closet. What does Koko do?
10. What is Lillian Jackson Braun's husband's name?
11. What was the first book Lillian published?
12. Where does Lillian live?
13. Where is Moose County?
14. Edd's Editions is owned by whom? What does it become?
15. Is The Cat Who Sniffed Glue about a) a crack house, b) Andrew Brody's lock up c) the Moose Country orphanage or d) a cat who likes to smell the binding of books?
16. What important landmark is on Goodwinter Avenue?
17. There are several mansion on Goodwinter Avenue..What business man owns the one at the corner of Main and Goodwinter?
18 What creamy form of pasta is the specialty of Iris Cobb?
19. What breed is Dundee and who does he belong to?
20. Where is the Casablance (a building that looks like a big refrigerato)
21. What happened to Arch and his exe's cat "punky" when he divorced and moved to Moose County?
22. Who marries Celia Robinson and opens up a catering business?
23. Where is the K cabin?
24. What kind of business does Herb Hackpole run?
25. Was the founder of the Pickaxe Picayune a) emory goodwinter b) jack goodwinter c) pug goodwinter d) halifax goodwinter e) ephraim goodwinter
26. What is the name of the monthly newsletter in Indian Village?
27. What is the name of the little bistro (at the Cannery Mall) that serves food from the old country?
28. The financial backing for XYZ came from what dentist?
29. What was the name of the predecessor to Jet-Stream? He was known to have a "head as big as a grapefruit and no neck"
30. In The Cat Who Sang For The Birds, what high-tech item does Qwill buy for the van?
31. Qwill rode two different bicycles. What kinds were they?
32. Where did Qwill meet the Applehardt family?
33. What were the "prandial musings" ?
34. What was the creature in Qwill's apple orchard?
35. Is the Roundhouse a a) train station, b) restaurant c) movie theater
d) chamber of commerce or e) a home
36. What is the other name for Pleasant Street?
37. What is the name of Bushy's Cabin Cruiser?
38. Why do the Pickax hospital and senior care facility look so strange?
39. Who was the "homey looking lady in the faded housedress that always left a thumbprint on the hamburgers" ?
40. In The Cat Who Said Cheese, what was Hixie Rice up to?
41. When Qwill is talking about "alcatraz provincial" and the Bastille, what is he talking about?
42. Who were Ping and Pong?
43. Does Qwill drink alcohol? What is his drink of choice?
44. The Bamba's have several cats. What are their names?
45. Who is G. Allen Barter? What did his name used to be?
46. Can Koko play scrabble?
47. Who ran Huff and Puff Construction? What happened to the owner?
48. Who is Rosemary Whiting?
49. What happened in 1919 at Squnk Corners?
50. Who were the Trevelyns?