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A cat is ...
Many things to many men,
More than just a ball of fluff,
Its mind is wise; its spirit's strong,
It is both delicate and tough.
A cat is ...
A sleuth, a spy, a private eye,
Trespasser and invader,
Snoopy and inquisitive,
An astute investigator.
A cat is ...
Proud and brave - cowed and afraid,
Loyal, fickle, hot and cold,
Alert and sleepy - bright and dull,
Naughty, haughty, bold.
A cat is ...
Dependently independent,
A royal ruler of the realm,
A president and C.E.O.,
And a captain at the helm.
A cat is ...
A thinker of the deepest thoughts,
With an impenetrable mind,
A people pleaser, a problem easer,
A purr-ful sedative that's fine.
A cat is ...
A bafflement, a puzzlement.
A question mark that purrs,
A perplexity, a paradox,
A Rubik's Cube with fur.
~ author unknown ~