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A Kitty Cat Soap Opera
By Our Ever Creative, Carla


Tiger says: "Fluffy I cannot believe you let yourself get pregnant."
Fluffy says:"Well we sure didn't use protection."
Tiger says: "Well I want a paternity test. You won't pin this on me."
Fluffy retorts: "But Tiger I've only been with you!" and starts to cry.
Tiger returns:"They're not mine I know they aren't!"
Fluffy whimpers and says:"I promise you they are--every one of them. The ultrasound tech counted 10."
Tiger covers his face and says: "How will I support them--the rat butcher doesn't pay near enough, besides i have seen you hanging around with Blackie."
Fluffy raises her head and stops crying, she is mad now: Blackie is my half-brother. I am insulted! I do not need you. I can put them in daycare and get a job at the catnip nursery. They pay well and I can apprentice and become a catnip master."
Tiger says:"You think you are so smart because you got to go to Big Momma's school. You think you are the best ratter, the best climber, the best at staying away from humans, I didn't have time for school because Big Daddy said I had to go to work. Why he had me out there at six weeks and it no wonder I got that catnip habit at 10 months. That is more than a kitten can handle."
Fluffy rubs up against him affectionately: Tiger I know you work hard. You are very dependable. These children are yours. There is at least one son. You always said you wanted a boy."
Tiger returns: " A boy, a Tiger Jr.Oh my won't the guys at the Rat Butcher be jealous. My boy will be as handsome as me, he'll be long and tall, rippling muscles, a tail and whiskers to be proud of. All the girls will be after him."
Fluffy said: "Yes and he will have your green eyes too and your beautiful black gray and brown stripes."
Tiger says: "He might be fluffy like you my dear."
Fluffy says: "Oh my! That is two much work. I do enough grooming for myself much less a fluffy kitten."
Tiger says:"But your white Fluffy that is always harder to groom. Even my tan belly is a problem. I have to be so careful."
Fluffy said: "Oh my! What if they are all fluffy? You will just have to pitch in"
Tiger laughs and says:"Why wouldn't I? I am going to have a son and maybe there will be a pretty little white girl like you with your pretty blue eyes."
Fluffy giggles and says"Oh Tiger, really...would you help?"
Tiger said" Well ten will be hard and certainly too many for you to care for alone. We may have to both get jobs. You just partime because of your duties."
Fluffy shivers and says:"It worries me so about the humans. They are always taking the kittens and taking them in the house--what must happen to them? I hear they become almost human and pick up human-like habits like watching TV and playing with the computer. They actually begin to sleep on pillows and even in these humans bed. They tend to purr to this soft way of life." 
Tiger says:"Yes I have heard of stories too. Some of them do tricks for their treats."
Fluffy looked shocked:"Really! They preform for these humans for a mere treat. What kind of treat? A little mouse or a fish?"
Tiger said "No! they are little heart-shaped tidbits---like what they call cat food. It's got things like chicken, fish, cheese and milk---not rats are mice, no birds,not even a bug.."
Fluffy cannot believe what she hears:"i am appalled. I hope and pray none of our children never allow themselves to be captured by these foreign sanctions."
In a matter of fact way Tiger said: " You probably don't know this but I was captured right before Big Daddy put me to work. There was a cat there of some age. He was tan with brown on his head feet and tail. His eyes were blue like yours. He said he had been there at least 10 years and that he did not want me there. All of his claws had been taken and he could not father kittens. I think he was impotent. He slept most of the day and at dusk he would get up and yawn, His owners would open a metal object with a noisy thing and he'd stretch and run. he was given salmon with some form of gravy. After he ate it he wound around his owners legs and said 'Mrow'. I think that was to prevent himself from being cooked. The salmon had made him fat and every evening the owner would boil a big pot of water. Then she would reach down and rub his tummy, commenting on it's growth. Then he would high tail it to That what was called the living room and grab this fake cloth mouse, throe in the air and slam it across the room. He would run after it like it was getting away and start the process again."
Fluffy laughs and says:"How utterly silly?"
Tiger laughs along and says"They even had these silly bubbles that sell like catnip. King Kong went crazy.  What a fool. Wouldn't know real catnip or a mouse is he were nose to nose with it.First chance i got I was out of there. King Kong wanted me out so he distracted her and gave me the high sign."
Fluffy wondered why any cat would want to submit themselves to such a embarrassing situation. Now it was okay to hang around for food if you were needy; but, to submit yourself completely is shameful. About that time fluffy felt a twinge and then a pressing pain --- she screamed out in pain.
Tiger said:"What is it Fluffy is it time?"
As another strong pain engulfed her she said:"Yeees!" Wit tears streaming out of her eyes."
Tiger said:"Just relax and I'll go get Momma Cat and dashed away."
As he ran:"Fluffy said"No!No! please don't leave me and at that moment out floated a little tiger kitten. As Fluffy bathed it she realized it is a little boy, She kissed it and said: My! ,my! our little Tiger is here!" As Momma Cat and Tiger arrived Fluffy delivered a White fluffy kitten and a black and white fluffy kitten. They were both girls. Tiger christened the while one little Fluffy. Momma Cat said the spotted one reminded her of an old aunt and named her Serena.Next came a calico fluffy like her Mama and she became Patches. Followed by a fluffy striped kitten that appeared a mixture. It was a girl who became Fluffy Tigress. In about 5 minutes the mother arose from her res to a scream producing two tiny black kittens who were boy and girl and named Ebony and Sambo.  There was a thirty minute break and then three more little tiger kittens arrived. One was bouncy so they name him Tigger, one was a girl so they named her Tabitha and the next they named Stripes. Fluffy cleaned herself and Momma Cat helped to clean the kittens, Tiger was in awe. All these children. He would have to take on more hours at the Rat Butcher.