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Spacious home. Outdoors a must. Stairway and porch preferable.
Soft beds and high places desired.
Sunny windows a favorite.
Loud can opener a must.
Dog must be submissive.
Caretaker very important.
Caretaker expected to feed delectable meals BID.
Sift box QD,
Feel water bowl prn.
Give me some quality time at least 20 times a day.
Take me to the vet only if you are the one who gets the shots, has to take the medicine and has any procedure done like the taking of tempreture preformed on themselves.
I don't mind weighing-- unless I am tubby. At that time you wiegh and go on the diet.
I will not wear collars, hats, jackets and or necklaces.
I will do tricks if I get 75% of the proceeds.
I do not care to ride in the car--even in that silly seat.
That goes for baby carriages too--I long ago passed my baby stage.
If I take a walk it will be when I want it and where I want to go.
And if I'm napping, feel free to wake me only if you want to give me a massage.
If you feel you you can fulfill these duties---please call the cat. You don't need my number--I will be meowing by the back door
 - By Carla