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Thanks to Carla for the cat animation


Do  you have a limerick you would like see posted on here? It should be related to books or cats in some way and make sure you include your name/handle as you want to see it on the site. Thanks for checking us out and enjoy the limericks!

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A Siamese, Koko by name,
Solved mysteries but gained little fame.
He just passed on some clues
That his owner could use,
And considered it all one big game.
A kitty called Yum Yum The Paw
Liked to bat stuff around on the floor,
Then she'd hide it away
For a real boring day
When she'd find and enjoy it some more.
- Groucho


I have a fuzzy cat named kringle
I love him so much that I tingle
he's big like Santa Claus
jolly and fat with claws on his paws
batting  at bells  to hear them jingle

- Candy


Sweetpea's Song

When I'm singing my sweet catly tune,
I chirp and I trill as I croon.
I guess I could meow
(I certainly know how)
But I don't, cause I'm partly Maine Coon.


There once as a cat named Dustin.
He had  a heart as big as Texas.
He had a mistress.
He thought she precious.
And she thought he bodacious.
- Carla