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Daffinitions - Submitted By Barbwrite
Oyster (n), one who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddish expressions.

Counterfeiter (n), a craftsman who installs fake kitchen cabinets.

Derange (n), where de buffalos roam.

Heroes (v), how a man moves a boat through the water.

Pokemon (n), a Jamaican proctologist.

Subdued (n), a guy who, like, you know, works on one of those, like submarines?

Baloney (n), where your shin is located.

Car battery (n), auto abuse.

Abalone (n), shellfish nonsense.

Bernadette (n), the act of torching a mortgage.

Relief (v), what trees do in the spring.

Jocular (adj), to be funny and good at sports.

Discovery (n), a fancy CD case.

Parasites (n), what tourists see from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Spice (n), the plural of "spouse."

Pharmacist (v), to help out on the farm.

Willy-nilly (adj). impotent.

Dilate (v), reaching old age.

Barium (v), what we do to our loved ones when they die.

Chinese checkers (n), cashiers at the Beijing Piggy Wiggy.

Dogmatic (n), a pooch that walks and feeds itself.

Dialogue (n), help for your tree is just a phone call away.

Avoidable (v), what a bullfighter tries to do.

Burglarize (n), what a robber sees with.

Polarize (n), what a polar bear sees with.

Ostracize (n), what an ostrich...oh, you get the idea
paradox - Two French doctors - By Deb and Playful
invent - opposite of outvent - By Deb and Playful