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Can You Imagine

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Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine the joyful sounds
That echo over the Rainbow Bridge?
Another one of mine has joined them.
What a number of mine up there
As they bark and growl and yodel!
For they all want to know,
Does she still pet the same,
Does she still have her number of dogs,
Is she happy down there on earth?
Can you picture the party up there,
As they bring each other up to date?
Sharing stories of their love
Sharing stories of their jobs 
At their point in my life.
They talk of all the changes,
That have occurred within my life.
The love that's at the Rainbow Bridge,
Is heard in every whisper of the wind.
It is heard in the falling rain,
Is heard in the dancing snow.
Every whisper of nature
Reflects the love that hovers
In all of our guardians' hearts
As they watch over us,
As they wait for the years to pass,
Until some day we join them there.
Then, imagine the party!
Imagine the number of dogs!
A never ending circle of love
Is waiting there for us.