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Christmas Snowglobe

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Snow Globe

What you need:

Baby food jar

Small plastic toys, figurines

Sliver or white glitter (or small beads)

Corn Syrup***

Super Glue

What to do:

Glue the plastic figurines (and any other water-proof stuff you want in there) to the inside of the jar lid. Wait for the glue to dry.

Fill the jar almost to the top (leave a little space) with corn syrup. Then add the glitter or beads!

Put the lid on the jar and glue it around the edges (to make sure it's sealed!). Then, let it sit until it's dry.

Flip it over, and your snow scene is right-side up! Shake it to see the blizzard!

*substituting mineral oil for the corn syrup since it's not as messy.